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Powerful songs to groove along to, practice and learn. Detailed sheet music included.


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“Learning by playing” lies at the heart of really good drum training. How did the greats of the guild do it? And what magic lies in the tracks we hear on the radio every day?

The Play-along Treasure Chest is packed with those songs from music history that are of particular interest to drummers. Thanks to the detailed notes, you can groove along, playfully practice new things and always get valuable background information to the compositions.

These include, for example, “Roseanna” by Toto, “Let me entertain you” by Robbie Williams and “Cold Sweat” by James Brown – the latter, by the way, recorded by Clyde Stubblefield, one of the most sampled drummers in the world.

So: Open this treasure chest, because it contains the most exciting drumlines ever, from pop and rock to funk and shuffle.

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Crazy Town

Drumsolo & Groove


Pasta Orientale


Let Me Entertain You

Psycho Muse

Smoke on the Water