Make it Groovy & Swing

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Learn how to make the interplay with your band mates even “groovier”. 


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There are many musicians who can play to a click track, but still the rhythm or melody doesn’t feel “groovy” even though everything is played correctly. Why is that?

  • Time Feel is more than “just” playing to a click.
  • You have to learn to understand and feel the micro-time
  • The micro-time can be in 1/8th notes or in 1/16th notes for rock/pop or soul/funk music. In swing or shuffle feel, the micro-time is the 1/8th or 1/16th triplet

To make the band you are playing in sound really groovy, all the musicians in the band need to feel the same micro time when playing.

You can try this out for yourself here.

Have fun!

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Make it Groovy & Swing