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How does funk, pop, bossa sound? Everything about the origin, sound and varieties of dozens of styles.


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You know the saying, “Only those who know the rules can break them”? It’s the same with the different drum styles. The better you know them, the more purposefully you can use them – and thus create atmosphere, express emotional changes, bring more tension into your playing. This course will give you these advantages, among others:

If you think now that you have to reach profile level first to be able to deal with the many playing and stylistic styles: don’t worry. Even as a beginner you can bring variety into your grooves.

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Pop Grooves

Rock Grooves Part 1

Rock Grooves Part 2

Soul Grooves Part 1

Soul Grooves Part 2

Soul Grooves Part 3

Soul Grooves Part 4

Funk Grooves Part 1

Funk Grooves Part 2

Shuffle Grooves