Drum Fills Advanced

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Professionalize your skills with these exercises for your creativity in fills and solo playing.


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Being able to play drum fills is just as important as playing cool grooves in a variety of music styles. In fact, drum fills are like short little drum solos. They are used, for example, as a connection between the verse and the chorus in a song. Mostly they are a statement to the song or the fills characterize the personality of a drummer.

Drum fills can be rhythmically very short or a bit longer. Longer fills are then referred to as “drum solos”.

This course offers you the following:

You will learn to play figures and patterns that you need to develop your fills. After a period of practice, you’ll sound more musical and professional.

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Spez.Fill 1

3er Inverted Swiss Army Triplet

5er Inverted Swiss Army Triplet